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125' x 250' Arena, Roping Box, Stripping Chute, Holding Pens, Arena Office, Timing Equipment. Reasonable Rates. Contact 530.397.5466



Community- Provide a venue to invite tourism and local participation in Equestrian activities, thereby encouraging dollars injected into the local economy.



Youth- Make the arena available for use by local youth riding clubs. Members will be encouraged to use community service hours in lieu of rent.

Western Lifestyle- This Community Park was originally developed with the vision as seen thru the original Frontier Days in the early ‘80’s. It was thought that by promoting the Western Heritage and encouraging the local community members to stay connected with the ranching and farming roots that pioneered this area, we would be able to build something to be proud of.


Public promotion of Dorris Lions Clubs – Thru the arena exposure of Lions Clubs, we will have the opportunity to show the public how “WE SERVE”, not only thru fund raisers, and Sight & Hearing commitments, but thru Community, Youth and Lifestyle enrichments.

It is the intention of the Arena Committee to promote this facility for the purpose of any and all livestock events at an affordable price.

To reserve the Butte Valley for your community event please call Contact 530.397.5466

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